Senior Space School UK is residential summer school held at the University of Leicester. It is aimed primarily at students preparing for their A-levels and who have a strong interest in all things space-related.

The disciplines covered range from physics and astronomy, to engineering and astronautics, planetary science and from space physics to genetics and human spaceflight. While the week includes both lectures and practical activities, there is ample opportunity for socialising too, with a formal dinner and disco and karaoke on the final night.

 At Senior Space School you are likely to make life-long friends and gain valuable contacts. Opportunities are provided for students to meet space scientists and academics, as well as potential employers. Students have the opportunity to win various competitions held during the course. Prizes are awarded for practical rocketry and other participation events, such as the mid-week space quiz.

Senior Space School is supported by the UK Space Agency, Astrium Ltd and the Ogden Trust.