Students stay in the University Halls of Residence in Oadby, except for the one night where they go observing and camp under the stars. more

National Space Centre

Away Day to Mars - this full day masterclass at the National Space Centre uses the challenges involved in manned and unmanned missions to Mars as contexts for an intensive study programme using many aspects of A-level science.

"A fantastic way for A-level physics students to develop and stretch their skills in the inspirational context of Martian exploration" Dr James Carpenter, European Space Agency


During the day, a mixture of theory, practicals and mathematical modelling is utilised, including the use of items not available to students in the normal school enviroment (for example the Orian spacesuit currently in use aboard the International Space Station).

There will be a scheduled viewing of the award winning 'We are Astronomers' show in the planetarium to break up the day, and a chance to look round the National Space Centre and check out the many new features.